Goal: To develop communication skills and improve spoken English among participants, as well as increase empathy, build stronger emotional and intellectual ties in the age of uncertainty.

First season: March - May*, 2024, 8 sessions

Club schedule: weekly, by Warsaw time, session duration 90 mins.

for Group 1 on Wednesday at 9:30 am precisely.

for Group 2 on Thursday at 19:00 pm precisely,

Better to be 5 mins earlier. We appreciate.


Club is free to participate.

You can share some money. It helps me to make more club sessions in the future.

Donate here!


  1. Club sessions take place only if we choose (1) Topic master, (2) Time Monster, (3) Grammar Digger 3 days before a Club session.
  2. Up your hand if you wish to talk. Without up-hand you have no voice.
  3. Here we are colleagues and help each other to develop language even if we have different mindsets.


Topic Master. Leads meeting. Prepares topic: speakers, questions. Shapes session: introduction, structure, situational rules.

Time Monster. Controls time and participants behavior. Notifies about time limits with signs (!!!) Makes warning to delinquents.

Grammar Digger: Listens to others and makes notes about their mistakes. Makes a final report at the end of the meetings.